SPKS has a set of program managerial Staffs posted in the central office and field offices who are assigned to monitor the assigned program implementation activities to ensure proper utilization time schedule, fixed budget and human resources to accomplish the assignments perfectly as per targets. Monitoring concerned in two areas such as field level and central level respectively by field heads as well as central heads.


The Completion of SPKS activities through rapid monitoring leads it to find or assess the achievements as per the target it set for which is done by evaluation. The evaluation expert hired from respective agencies. After assessment, resource management, their utilization and implementation strategies better than the past.


SPKS is having a strong and systematic financial management and control system. There is a principal account of the organization jointly operated by the 3 top committee, management as per constitution (President, General Secretary Treasurer). A yearly budget is prepared and presented by the Treasurer and after being approved by the Executive committee, the budget is allowed for the field to meet the management or program cost. Donor fund is deposited in the principal account and then the approved budget amount for field is transferred to the operational account by account to account system. Head of the field operation along with accounts personel, operate the operational account jointly. Accounts section deals with all financial transactions and keeps records as per organization's accounts manual to ensure audit standard. Financial statement is prepared keeping check and balance with Bank statement. This is done by the Govt. recognized C/A farm auditors.


The organization has been implementing its programs with the loan and contribution of the E.C members and UNICEF Bangladesh since it could not receive any big fund from any donor agency.


SPKS delivers its humanitarian services standing on the foundation of genuine information, which facilitate it to diagnosis, the problems, root causes and the felt needs conducting short study or survey. After the diagnosis of the issue, it takes initiatives to address the problems or needs respectively to be solved and fulfilled. The based strategy is the participation of beneficiaries themselves at all sphere of development activities. The service recipients are selected and organized under certain groups prior to provide services to the group members. They are oriented, counseled and motivated to receive development education, training and services. IEC activities were performed and information dissemination is done through sharing, meetings, motivational session, and group discussion distributing IEC materials. The recruited staffs were trained up prior to start work. Monitoring/follow up is done as a continuous process for problem showing, reporting and action reflection- action process. SPKS has a very strong accountability in the activity planning executing system there's a provision of reward and punishment at every year-end, and audit and evaluation is done as per organization policy.