Community Health worker Training Program.

SPKS is conducting one year long fruitful training course at its own training center. Unemployed young educated male and female of secondary school certificate level are eligible for admission in to the course. The aims of this project are to rehabilitate the unemployed youths as trained health worker at the same time to provide basic health care to the under-privileged people. Contents of the course are theoretical and practical on Gross Anatomy and physiology, Common health problems & drugs, Primary health care (PHC), Maternal & Child health (MCH) care, First Aid, Family planning & Motivation, Public health & sanitation, Food & Nutrition, Essential pathology & Clinical management, Art & process of patient management. Workshop on HIV/AIDS, Dengue & Arsenic. All the training modules discussed are successfully guided & implemented by the well experienced registered doctors & resource persons through lectures, demonstration, theoretical & Practical classes including field visits and showing of audio visual films, models, pictures etc. The demonstration, Practical & visits are started after the completion of theoretical classes. Practical training has received satellite health care center of this organization as well as in other hospital for six months.

Mother, Child Health & Family Planning Project.

This Project is being conducted in small scale still in learning phase. SPKS provides ideal MCH & FP services at both clinical and field level. The organization has a family health care centre attached to its main office under direct supervision of medical graduates and paramedics providing MCH & FP package service i.e pre and post natal check-up for mothers, immunization for mother's and children, neo-natal care, family planning method and supplying contraceptives, reproductive health service, treatment of sexual diseases, fully pregnant mothers are referred and sent to reputed govt. or non government hospitals for safe delivery. In field level our trained health worker and paramedic are mainly concerned with I.E.C and consulting with families regarding F.P methods at the same time distributing all types for sophisticated contraceptive. They also referred the pregnant mothers to our clinic for anti-natal, post-natal periodical check-up.

Satellite Health Care Centre for the Under-privileged:

SPKS introduced a number of satellite program activities in grass root level besides it's family health care center, affiliated with it's main office. The poor people who are deprived of health care rights provided with services regarding prevention and treatment facilities including medicine free of cost. In addition it offers test and checkup for the pregnant mothers, primary health care, immunization for the mothers and children, adolescent health service and advice, conception about family planning methods, family planning method & materials distribution, counseling and enhancing knowledge about neo-natal care and post natal care, knowledge on food, nutrition & hygiene, moreover SPKS is making the people of all walks of life concerned about the ways of transmission sexual disease and measures for prevention against them. The professional physicians, trained health worker and paramedic perform all this activities.